You can place an order or ask for a quotation via the EDQM Store (the EDQM Store User Guide can be downloaded from the home page). If you make an order, you will immediately receive a temporary order confirmation. Your order will be validated by the EDQM within 2 working days. You will then receive the final order confirmation.

Please note that quotations issued online have to be transformed into orders via the EDQM Store (see the EDQM Store User Guide for more information).

If you prefer, you can send your orders or quotation requests by email to Please note that your request has to be printed on your company’s letterhead and attached to your email. You will normally receive an order confirmation within 2 working days and a quotation within 5 working days.

Do not submit the same order multiple times by email and/or via the EDQM Store: you will be financially liable for duplicate orders made.

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