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The self-service licencing module (SSLM) is a semi-automated tool that allows managers of subscriptions with a large number of licences to define in advance which users and e-mail domains can claim their own licence. Moreover, if all licences are assigned and another user needs one, licence revocation allows unused or inactive licences to be automatically revoked and claimed by new users without having to contact their licence manager. The self-service licencing feature therefore eliminates the need to manage licences on a day-to-day basis.

This feature is automatically enabled for customers with unlimited licences, for universities and for certain organisations and agencies that are stakeholders in the work of the EDQM. Other customers with licences for 50+ users may contact the EDQM via the EDQM helpdesk to request activation of self-service licencing for their EPID code(s).

For more information on this feature, please consult our quick start guide.

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