Starting with the 11th Edition, the Ph. Eur. is available in just 2 formats: print or online. It is no longer possible to install the application on computers or USB sticks.

Licence policy (online version)

Users only have access to Ph. Eur. content and the Ph. Eur. Archives provided they have an up-to-date subscription.

Each subscription is linked to a subscription key (EPID). Subscription keys cover 1 to n licences, which provide access to the online version of the Ph. Eur. for the specified number of users, and for the specified content (3 supplements per subscription).

Each individual user can use their licence to access the website on all common operating systems (tablet and smartphone friendly), limited to one session at a time.

When accessing the online version, a licence is unique and cannot be shared.

A licence owner can manage a subscription key and associated licences without using up one of the licences for this purpose.

User account policy (online version)

Single sign-on provides access to several websites: Ph. Eur. online, Pharmeuropa online and the European Paediatric Formulary (PaedForm). Users must have an EDQM account (e-mail address and password), which they can use to access the different websites. Once users sign in to one of the websites, they will automatically be signed in to all of the other websites for which they are registered and will not be prompted to re-enter their login details when switching between sites during the same session.

For a comprehensive list of functionalities, please consult the User Manual.

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