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In some cases, ‘qualified samples’ are made available by the EDQM at the time of publication in Pharmeuropa to allow users to check the changes (e.g. to the related substances test) proposed during the public enquiry and best prepare for the implementation of the monograph.

Where a qualified sample is available, it is described in the briefing note of the Pharmeuropa monograph and may be ordered free of charge by raising a request in the EDQM HelpDesk. After use, users are kindly requested to share their results with the EDQM.

To place an order, please click on European Pharmacopoeia and choose the category Question about General Chapters and Monographs. Providing us with your full shipping address and the title of the corresponding Ph. Eur. monograph, while stating ‘Qualified sample’ in the subject of the query, will help us to rapidly process your request.

For further information on how to use the EDQM HelpDesk, please see the HelpDesk User Manual.

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