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It is the policy of WHO not to assign an expiry date to their international reference standards.

The suitability of ICRS is monitored regularly, and users can check the batch validity statement (BVS) of an ICRS on the ICRS online database available on the EDQM website in order to comply with good practices and ensure that the ICRS is valid at the time of use.

If an ICRS is removed from the catalogue, it generally remains valid for its intended purpose for 6 months after the date when the ICRS can no longer be ordered. Similarly, if an ICRS batch is replaced by a new batch, the old batch generally remains valid for the same length of time. It should be noted that a shorter (or even no) transition period may be applied to a replaced batch or an ICRS that is removed from the catalogue (e.g. in case of a quality issue).

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